Protection Of Persona Information Act. (POPI)


At CMG Marketing Communications, we take all legislation seriously. This applies especially to the release of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI).

Direct marketing happens worldwide, in many countries that have had data protection laws in place, for decades. Direct marketing is a legitimate avenue that organisations can utilise to find new customers.

However, you need to be careful who you ask to assist you with direct marketing. You should choose a reputable company like CMG Marketing Communications: a company that takes its legal obligations seriously… a company that you can trust.

In the future, everyone in South African has to try to protect the personal information that they process. Any person who processes personal information must comply with the conditions as set out by POPI. POPI aims to protect the personal information of people (such as consumers and employees) so that they do not become victims of things like identity theft, which can have very serious consequences. However, POPI does not aim to stop the free flow of information. It recognises that there is a need for balance.

Please check out our Privacy Policy page for more details on how we make use of Data and Personal Information.

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