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What are the most common use cases of Augmented Reality for marketers?

Interest and investment in augmented reality is greater than it’s ever been before. Thanks to new tools from tech giants – such as Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore – it’s now also easier for brands to build their own AR apps and AR-driven campaigns.  Of course, with any new technology comes challenges. With AR, this […]

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Five ways data science can help optimise your marketing budgets

Despite all the progress and innovations, marketing still remains a numbers game, at least to some extent. What changed is that instead of merely multiplying audience numbers (and, consequently, budget lines), savvy marketers look at the figures at hand and attempt to understand the message behind these.  While data science cannot explicitly help you acquire […]

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Visa makes a huge fintech bet with $5.3bn acquisition of Plaid

Visa is acquiring American fintech firm Plaid in a deal worth $5.3bn in what represents one of the largest acquisitions in the space to date. Plaid, which bills itself as “the technology layer for financial services”, helps companies like Venmo, Robinhood, Coinbase, LendingClub and Betterment connect to consumers’ bank accounts for a variety of purposes. For […]

by in Press Release 0 Comment, a new aggregating platform for African tourism launched, is a newly-launched tour aggregating platform in the highly competitive and flourishing African tourism industry. The inventive marketplace allows travellers and agents to search, compare and book African touring experiences. “’s mission is to ensure booking African tours is made easy and at the best prices for everyone who wants to visit the continent. […]

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Africa Tech Summit 2020

Africa Tech Summit Kigali on February 4th – 6th 2020, will once again provide unrivalled insight, networking and business opportunities for African and international tech leaders and investors who want to do business in Africa. The three day tech summit will feature – The Future Summit, The Money & Blockchain Summit and The Africa Start-up Summit. Each will explore […]

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